Why Is My Car Pulling to the Right When I’m Driving Straight?

Your automobile suspension is designed to go straight unless you turn the steering wheel. If your vehicle is pulling to the right or left when you are trying to drive straight and you find yourself constantly correcting it, you have a problem with your suspension or your tires. Central Auto Care lists five reasons below why your car is pulling to the side instead of going straight.

1. Tire Pressure

It’s possible that your vehicle is pulling to the right or the left because you have low air pressure in the front right or left tire. It’s important to check your tire pressure about every two weeks to make sure that all four tires are inflated to the proper psi. If one or more of them is low, add air to the tire to the recommended psi. Do not overinflate the tires, as this can cause problems.

2. Wheel Alignment

One of the most common reasons why your vehicle will pull to one side is that your wheel alignment is off. Wheel alignment is designed to make sure that your tires rest evenly on the road both from side to side and top to bottom. If the alignment is off, your vehicle will pull in the direction of the misalignment. Realigning the wheels usually solves this problem.

3. Brake Problems

If your vehicle is pulling to the right when you apply the brakes, you have a problem with the brake system. Things that cause the vehicle to pull when you brake include stuck calipers, brake hoses that have collapsed, or brake slide pin issues. To ensure you don’t experience brake problems, have the brake system inspected every 19,000 kilometres.

4. Bad Wheel Bearing

If you have a wheel bearing that has worn out, your vehicle will pull to the side. There are other symptoms that you will notice before the pulling begins, however. First, you may hear a grinding sound coming from the wheel with the worn bearing. You will also notice that your steering wheel will start to shake. Eventually, your vehicle will also start pull to the side.

5. Worn Parts

Finally, worn suspension parts can cause your vehicle to pull to the side. If you have worn steering system parts, this, too, can create the problem. It’s a good idea to have your vehicle’s suspension and steering inspected annually to make sure that the parts are not wearing out. We can replace the worn-out parts before they cause problems.

Central Auto Care in Okotoks, AB, can determine why your vehicle keeps pulling to the right and fix the problem. Give us a call today.

Photo by anyaberkut from Getty Images via Canva Pro