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Keeping up to date on your vehicle maintenance schedules can not only keep your vehicle on the road longer, but save you plenty of headaches in the long run. At Central Auto Care, we not only assist you in these schedules, we also keep track of them and let you know when it is time to take care of these issues. Keep your car running smoothly with scheduled vehicle maintenance in Okotoks, AB. Our expert auto service department offers top-notch repairs and scheduling solutions. Book your appointment now!

maintenance schedules
  • Battery: Suggest Replacement If Over 5-7 Years Old
  • Brake Fluid Service: Suggested Service Every 40-60,000kms
  • Cabin Air Filter (If Applicable): Replacement Service Every 20,000kms
  • Diesel Fuel Filter: Replacement Service Every 20,000kms Or Once A Year
  • Diesel Fuel Cleaner And Additives: Cleaner Every Year, Additive As Often As You Can
  • Differential Fluid Service: Required Service Every 40-50,000kms
  • Fuel Injection Flush: Direct Injection Design Every 20,000kms
  • Oil Changes: Regular Oil 5000kms, Synthetic Oil 7000kms
  • Oxygen Sensors: Suggested Replacement Every 100,000kms
  • Power Steering Fluid Flush: Required Service Every 40-60,000kms
  • Shocks/Struts: Suggested Replacement Every 80,000kms
  • Steering Dampener: Suggested Replacement Every 40,000kms
  • Timing Belt: Suggested Replacement Every 100,000kms
  • Transmission Fluid Flush: Replacement Service Every 60-80,000kms
  • Transmission Filter (If Applicable): Replacement Service Every 100,000kms
  • Transfer-Case Fluid Flush: Replacement Service Every 40-50,000kms
  • Regular Copper Plugs 40,000 – 50,000kms
  • Platinum Spark Plugs 60,000 – 80,000kms
  • Iridium Spark Plugs 100,000 – 140,000kms
  • Record the current vehicle state of health
  • Correctly advise client of any safety or required maintenance
  • Suggest services/repairs that may be present
  • Help prevent stress and costly breakdowns
  • Increase vehicle re-sale value by doing the required service every year

If you are unsure what your vehicle maintenance schedule should look like or if it is time to schedule a maintenance appointment call our experts here in Okotoks, AB today!

Scheduled Vehicle Maintenance in Okotoks, AB

At Central Auto Care, we understand the importance of regular scheduled vehicle maintenance in Okotoks, AB. Our dedicated auto service department is committed to keeping your car in optimal condition through meticulous repairs and effective scheduling strategies.

Expert Car Mechanics for Reliable Auto Service

Our team of skilled mechanics is well-versed in the intricacies of auto repair. When you choose Central Auto Care, you’re choosing a service that goes beyond routine maintenance. We meticulously inspect, diagnose, and repair your vehicle, ensuring it performs at its best on Okotoks’ roads.

Efficient Scheduling for Your Convenience

We understand that your time is valuable. Our streamlined scheduling process ensures that your vehicle’s maintenance is handled promptly and efficiently. Whether it’s a routine check-up or addressing specific repair needs, our scheduling solutions cater to your convenience.

Quality Auto Repair for Lasting Performance

Central Auto Care is more than just a repair shop; we’re your partners in maintaining the longevity of your car. Our expert mechanics employ advanced techniques and genuine parts for every repair, offering you the assurance of quality and lasting performance in Okotoks, AB.

Experience hassle-free auto service scheduling with Central Auto Care. Our team is dedicated to keeping your vehicle in top shape, ensuring a safe and smooth driving experience. Whether you’re due for routine maintenance or need specialized auto repair, book your appointment now to experience the Central Auto Care difference.

Book your appointment now and keep your car running flawlessly. Call us today or use our online scheduling tool.


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