Why Winter Tires Are A Good Idea?

Winter is fast approaching here in Alberta. And it’s important to consider the idea of putting winter tires on your vehicle. That’s why Central Auto Care, your auto repair shop in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada reminds you that seasonal tires are always a good idea to install on your vehicle.


We’ll be taking a look at a few reasons why here in a moment. During the winter months, travel can be treacherous. Even on a good day, the road conditions won’t be as good as they were compared to the spring and summer months. 


The sooner you prepare your vehicle for winter, the better off you’ll be. Let’s take a look at the top 3 reasons why winter tires should be installed on your vehicle:


Provides you with excellent grip


Normal tires can’t hold up well in winter conditions. They will slip, slide, and cause you to go off the road. Winter counterparts on the other hand will do a good job of maintaining grip even when you are dealing with snow and ice on the roadways. 


If you want to prevent going off the road constantly in the dead of winter, you will lessen those chances by installing the right kind of tires. 


It will perform way better than all-season tires


All-season tires don’t really live up to the hype. In cold weather conditions, they will do OK. But when they are half-worn, they will likely lose their grip. 


With half-worn tires that are specifically for winter, you still will maintain a reasonable amount of grip. Plus, it can handle the colder road temperatures much better than all-season tires. In terms of which set of tires is considered the cold-weather warrior, the option could not be more obvious. 


Whether it’s all-season or winter tires, Central Auto Care provides you with a set of tires that are fitting for the seasons. Our ASE-certified mechanics near Okotoks, Alberta, Canada will install your tires quickly so you can be on your way. Plus, they are backed by a 3 year, 60,000-kilometer warranty that will be hard to beat. 


They are strongly recommended


In Alberta, there is no mandatory law that states that you have to install winter tires on your vehicle. However, the smart thing to do is install them anyway. You are making sure that you are not creating a road hazard by slipping and sliding all over the roadway. 


Don’t Wait…Install Your Winter Tires Soon!


Before you know it, winter will be here. And Central Auto Care will make sure that your winter tires will be installed. We treat our customers like family and want to make sure that everyone is safe for the season (including the holidays). 


We provide high-quality repair and inspection services as well as install or rotating your winter tires. We specialize in European cars, so if you have a BMW or a Fiat, we are your winter tire specialists that will help you find a good fit.