Wheel and Tire Services That Are Important to Your Automobile

It’s easy to forget about your tires unless you get a flat. We get that here at Central Auto Care. There is tire and wheel maintenance, however, that should be done on a regular basis to not only extend the life of your tires but also keep you safe on the road. When tires are not taken care of, the tread wears down unevenly and this opens you up to the possibility of a blowout and losing control of your vehicle. Let’s talk about wheel and tire services that are important to your automobile.

Tire Rotation

A tire rotation should be done every 9,500 kilometres. When the tires are put on each wheel, they have pressure points in the same spots not only caused by the wheels but also by the brakes. Rotating the tires puts different pressure points on each tire to help the tread wear down more evenly. Tires with even tread wear last longer than tires with uneven tread wear. In other words, rotating your tires helps you get the guaranteed kilometres out of them.

Wheel Balance

Your wheels should be balanced at the same time that you have them rotated. Even if you have a set of tires on your automobile that is the same brand and type, each tire will weigh a little bit differently. Balancing the wheels distributes the weight evenly across the axles, and this not only helps your tires to wear down evenly but also gives you better control of your automobile. If your vehicle vibrates as you pick up speed, your wheels are out of balance.

Wheel Alignment

Finally, the wheels need to be aligned when you buy a new set of tires and have them installed. After that, depending on how much you drive every day and how hard you are on your automobile, you should plan to have the wheels aligned every one or two years. It’s important not to go longer than two years between wheel alignments. Signs that your wheels are not aligned include your vehicle pulling to the right or left even though you are steering straight, an off-centre steering wheel, and squealing tires when you turn corners. If you have any of these signs when you drive your car, truck, or utility vehicle, bring it to our shop for a wheel alignment.

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Photo by DAPA Images via Canva Pro