Vehicle Maintenance Due Right Now

Spring is the perfect time to have some vehicle maintenance done on your automobile. Our cold winters are hard on many of your automobile’s systems, so bring your car, truck, or utility vehicle into Central Auto Care for a once-over. We’ll make sure any winter damage is fixed and get your automobile ready for the spring and summer seasons.

Air Conditioning System

The first thing we’ll do is check your air conditioner. Even though we don’t get too hot here in Okotoks, Alberta, there still may be some warm summer days when you want cool refreshing air blowing through your vehicle’s vents. We’ll check the A/C system to make sure it doesn’t need to be serviced and that your refrigerant doesn’t need to be topped off or replaced.


One of the hardest things about winter is how it reduces your car battery’s power. In frigid temperatures, the power can be reduced by as much as 60 percent. If you have an older battery in your automobile, it may not come out of winter able to survive much longer. We’ll test it and replace it if necessary.


A brake inspection is a good idea every 19,000 kilometres to make sure that you can always stop your automobile when you need to. We’d be happy to inspect your brakes if it’s been that long or longer to make sure that you don’t need to have any parts replaced, such as the brake pads, or the rotors resurfaced. We will also check the brake fluid.

Coolant Change

Before summer weather hits, it’s a good idea to have your engine coolant checked. If you haven’t had it replaced in over 48,000 kilometres, now is the time to do so. Fresh engine coolant keeps your engine temperature within its normal range so that you don’t overheat even if it is warm outside.


Winter is also brutal on your vehicle’s hoses. Many of them crack because they expand and contract between the hot conditions inside the engine and the cold conditions outside. We’ll inspect all of the hoses, as well as your belts, to make sure none of them are at risk of cracking or breaking.

Oil Change

Spring is also an excellent time to change the oil. Your oil has gone through a long and cold winter and needs to be refreshed. Motor oil also helps keep your engine cool, which is why it’s a good idea to change it in the spring and throughout the summer if it needs it.


We’ll also give your tires a thorough inspection to make sure that the tire tread is wearing down evenly and that you have plenty left. If your tire tread is too low, we can replace your tires with a new set ready to tackle the roads all year long.

Windshield Wipers

Finally, your windshield wipers probably took a beating throughout the winter so now is a good time to check them. We will check the wiper blades to make sure there’s plenty of rubber left on them, and we’ll also make sure that the wipers are okay to help you see through spring showers.

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Photo by welcomia via Canva Pro