Things That Can Make Your Engine Overheat Even in the Winter

Unbelievably, your automobile can overheat in the winter. If there is a problem in the cooling system or engine, despite the fact that it’s cold outside, the motor will get too hot. Central Auto Care can help. We can find the reason why your engine is running too hot and fix it. The sooner you address the problem the less extended damage to your engine. Here are common things that could be going wrong.

Coolant Issues

Your engine relies on the coolant circulating through it to keep the operating temperatures within the recommended range. If the coolant is low, dirty, and/or old, it will be unable to do its job effectively. You might also have the wrong coolant type in your engine and this, too, can up the temperature.

System Leaks

The cooling system is encased, so leaks are the common reason why your coolant would be low. Coolant can leak from the cooling system hoses as well as the radiator and water pump. These parts can fail (more on that next) or gaskets and seals can give into their ages and cause coolant leaks.

Radiator Trouble

Your radiator is made of metal and metal rusts. Once it rusts, the oxidation feeds on the metal and eats its way right through it. This causes leaks from the radiator bottom. In this case, the coolant will look orange. A dead radiator fan can also overheat your engine as can clogged radiator vents.

Water Pump Problems

The water pump is located in the front of your engine near the center. It’s the cooling system part responsible for circulating the coolant through the engine. The pump can get clogged, leak, or the motor can fail. The latter usually happens on vehicles with 100,000 miles or more on the odometer.

Failing Thermostat

The thermostat detects when the engine is getting too hot and releases the engine coolant. If the thermostat is malfunctioning, it might not gauge the engine temperature correctly. If it doesn’t release the coolant when it’s time to do so, your engine will obviously get too hot.

Clogged Heater Core

The heater core uses hot engine coolant that flows through a series of tubes to warm the air and keep you toasty inside your vehicle’s cabin. The heater core can clog or leak, which means the hot coolant never recirculates into the radiator to be cooled and pushed through the engine again.

Low Motor Oil

Your engine can also overheat if you haven’t had the oil changed in you-don’t-know-how-long. This is bad. Motor oil functions as a lubricant and cleaning agent but it also functions as an engine coolant. The oil absorbs the heat from the moving parts as it flows over them. Old oil cannot do this.

Call Central Auto Care’s auto repair shop in Okotoks, AB, if your engine is overheating. We’ll find what’s wrong, fix it, and get you on your way.