Oil Change Durations Can Change Based On Many Factors

“Every 4,800 kilometres; that’s when I need to change my oil.” If you’ve been telling yourself that for years, you’ve got a good basic game plan for this automotive service. With synthetic oil gaining popularity and automobiles becoming more and more efficient, the 4,800-kilometre rule has changed to every 8,000 kilometres, 12,000 kilometres, or even 16,000 kilometres. We can help determine the best oil change duration for your vehicle here at Central Auto Care. Here are some things we will consider.

Manufacturer Recommendations

Your vehicle’s manufacturer knows best when it comes to oil change duration, and the reason why is that it designed and produced the engine with the maintenance milestones in mind. The first step in determining the best time to change your automobile’s oil is to look at what the manufacturer recommends. This serves as an excellent baseline in terms of kilometres.

Commute Conditions

Next, we’ll take your daily commute into consideration. Do you get stuck in a huge traffic jam every morning and evening when you drive to and from work, or do you only drive about five minutes each way? Either of these conditions is very hard on your vehicle’s engine, so changing the oil more often makes sense to protect it better. Short trips are particularly difficult, as they don’t give the motor oil a chance to heat up, loosen up, and circulate through the engine.

If your drive is longer – 15 minutes or more – and on open highways where you are driving at higher speeds without slowing down, your motor oil has plenty of time to warm up, loosen up, and circulate through the engine to coat and clean it. In this case, you might find that your oil life lasts longer than 4,800 kilometres, especially if you have an oil life percentage reading on the vehicle’s dashboard. How much you drive and the driving conditions can affect your oil change duration.

Driving Habits

Another thing that can affect how often you should have your vehicle’s motor oil changed is how you drive the automobile. If you are an easy-going driver that allows your automobile to warm up properly, always drives the speed limit, and doesn’t have a bad habit of braking hard to stop, your oil change duration will be much longer than a driver who loves to drive fast, aggressively, and push the engine to its limit. The latter driver needs more frequent oil changes to protect the engine.

Finally, older vehicles also need more frequent oil changes than newer automobiles do, so call Central Auto Care in Okotoks, AB, today to discuss a personalized oil change schedule for your car, truck, or UV.

Photo by Ake Ngiamsanguan from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro