It’s Time to Winterize Your Vehicle in Okotoks, AB

We’ve talked about how hard Okotoks, AB, winters can be on your vehicle’s battery in a previous blog post; now, let’s talk about other winter-weather automotive concerns. We see a lot of snow and frozen roads starting around this time through spring. Winterizing your automobile, i.e. preparing it to handle these conditions is crucial to your safety. Central Auto Care would be happy to winterize your vehicle to help you get your car, truck, crossover, or SUV ready for the winter season by doing the following.

Vehicle Inspection

We’ll start with a 60-point vehicle inspection to detect potential problems before they develop into real headaches. You do not want to end up broken down on the side of the road in freezing temperatures, not to mention however-many inches of snow. As Murphy’s Law says, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” We want to ensure Murphy’s Law doesn’t get the better of you this winter.

Additional Services

Winterizing your vehicle goes beyond a 60-point vehicle inspection, however. Once we’ve completed the inspection and addressed any concerns we find there, we’ll move on to the next steps in our winterizing service. The 60-point inspection allows us to find and fix problems not visible to the naked eye. The rest of our winterizing service includes

  • Changing your motor oil to ensure it remains clean and viscous throughout the winter months
  • Testing the battery, alternator, and starter to make certain your vehicle will start in frigid temps
  • Inspecting and replacing your wiper blades and windshield washing fluid if they need it
  • Testing the antifreeze freeze point and flushing and replacing it if necessary
  • Inspecting and testing your heater core to make sure your vehicle’s interior stays warm
  • Inspecting the tires, replacing them with snow tires if necessary, rotating them if necessary
  • Inspecting all belts to ensure they are flexible enough to withstand freezing temperatures

Cold-weather automotive problems can be prevented if you prepare for them before the mercury drops below freezing. It’s best to winterize your vehicle now rather than end up with a problem at the worst possible time. For example, our tire inspection alone can save you from an automobile accident if we see the tire tread is too worn to drive safely on icy roads.

Winterize Your Vehicle in Okotoks, AB

Prevention is the best medicine for facing Okotoks, Alberta winters. Schedule an appointment for a winterizing service with Central Auto Care. We’ll make sure your car, truck, or utility vehicle can face the winter weather without any problems.

Photo by GEFHunter from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro