How Often Do I Need to Get My Wheels Aligned?

You don’t need to get your wheels aligned that often, which is why many drivers forget about the service. Your wheels and the tires installed on them do not weigh exactly the same. Wheel balancing and alignment distributes the weight between the wheels and tires evenly across your vehicle’s axles. These services also ensure your vehicle drives straight unless you turn it. Central Auto Care can align your automobile’s wheels when they need it. Here’s how often you should get your wheels aligned.

When You Get a New Set of Tires

Anytime you put a new set of tires on your car, truck, crossover, or SUV, a wheel balance and alignment is in order. As we said above, the new tires will not weigh exactly the same even though you bought a set. As such, the wheels must be balanced to distribute the weight evenly and aligned to straighten them. You also need a balance and alignment when you replace only one or two tires.

Every Two Years After That

Once you have a new set of tires on your vehicle, plan to have the wheels aligned every two years. If you drive on rough roads daily, you should get a wheel alignment once a year. This keeps the wheels in proper alignment and extends the life of your new tires. Misaligned wheels will chew away at the tire tread unevenly, which reduces their lifespan and opens you up to dangerous blowouts.

Whenever They Are Knocked Out of Alignment

You might have to have your wheels realigned even if it hasn’t been two years. There are several things that can knock your wheels out of alignment prematurely. These things include

  • Getting into an automobile accident
  • Running over or hitting curbs
  • Going over bumps or potholes too fast
  • Running into concrete parking space markers

Signs your wheels are not aligned include your vehicle pulling to the right or left, uneven tire tread wear, excess vibration, or a steering wheel that isn’t centered when the wheels are straight.

Central Auto Care Wheel Alignment Okotoks, AB

No matter what you drive, we’ve got your wheel alignments covered. We align the wheels of all vehicle makes and models, whether domestic, European, or import. We also align AWD and 4WD automobiles as well as heavy-duty trucks that weigh as much as 1 ton. You can count on Central Auto Care in Okotoks, AB, for all of your auto service needs including wheel alignments. Give us a call today!

Photo by ThamKC from Getty Images via Canva Pro