Decrease Your Chances of Your Fleet Vehicles Breaking Down Over the Holidays

Whether you have a fleet of passenger vehicles or delivery vans, the holiday season is upon us and you’re going to get very busy. You need to rely on your fleet more than ever for holiday travelers and online shoppers. Make sure the automobiles can stand up to the task of operating nonstop throughout the busiest season of the year by bringing them into Central Auto Care for fleet service and repair to prevent a fleet vehicle breakdown.

More Passengers

The holiday season is a heavy travel season for many. People fly throughout Canada to spend time with their relatives in other provinces. This means more taxi fares or scheduled cars to and from airports. Your passenger vehicles will be busier than ever with travelers and holiday parties.

Added Routes

Delivery vans will be in high demand this holiday season, especially with more Canadians shopping online. The constant stop-and-go driving required when delivering packages is extremely hard on engines and brake systems. Your delivery vehicles are put to the test during the holidays.

Inclement Weather

Add inclement weather to this mix and you have increased chances of van and car trouble. There’s just no way around it. December temperatures are well below freezing, especially at night, which increases the chances of dead batteries, frozen radiators, and oil-related engine damage.

Increased Chance of Accidents

The icy roads also increase the chances of automobile accidents, which add to the stress your fleet drivers are already under. Fleet drivers are under tight, nearly impossible schedules during the holiday season, which makes them more susceptible to collisions in inclement weather.

Avoidance Tactics

What can you do to avoid all of this and keep your drivers happy and on schedule? Make sure they can rely on the fleet vehicles they drive. These automobiles are more inclined to suffer from premature wear and tear simply because of what they do. Common problems that fleet vehicles face include

  • Clutch slips
  • Dead batteries
  • Misaligned wheels
  • Oil breakdown
  • Overheating engines
  • Premature brake pad wear
  • Tire tread loss
  • Transmission gear wear
  • Unbalanced wheels

Make sure you get any overdue factory-scheduled maintenance done now and keep your fleet vehicles on a tight service schedule throughout the holidays. Keep in mind the excess wear happening to the engine, brakes, tires, and transmission as these vehicles stop and go for hours every day.

Call Central Auto Care in Okotoks, AB, to discuss your fleet service needs. We’d be happy to inspect each vehicle and put them service schedules that will decrease your chances of breakdowns.

Photo by Oleksandranaumenko from Canva Pro