Can Preventative Maintenance Help My Commute?

Yes, preventative maintenance will help your commute. Preventative maintenance ensures your car, crossover, truck, or SUV can handle the daily stresses it faces, including stop-and-go traffic. When you keep your vehicle properly maintained, you stand less chance of breaking down during your commute or getting into an accident. Here are some tips to help you and your vehicle survive your daily commute.

How Preventative Maintenance Makes a Difference

Regular servicing ensures everything is working okay on your automobile and this reduces the risk of overheating or other roadside trouble. Your engine works harder in stop-and-go traffic, as do your brakes and tires. You need to make sure your vehicle has the best chance of avoiding the damaging conditions of sitting and going and sitting and going, and you do this with preventative maintenance.

Frequent oil changes, brake services, coolant flushes, and tire rotations keep things operating as they should be operating in all driving conditions, including during your morning and afternoon commutes. For example, stop-and-go traffic on a hot afternoon can make your vehicle overheat quickly because air isn’t flowing through it. Fresh oil and coolant help keep the parts cool so they don’t overheat.

Other Ways to Help You During Your Commute

With your car in good shape, you don’t have to worry about vehicle problems to and from work but you do have to worry about yourself. If you find yourself getting stressed – really stressed – each morning and afternoon, it’s time to give yourself a little preventative maintenance, too. There are ways to combat the frustrations of traffic. First, breathe deeply to calm down. Then:

  • Turn on your favorite music and rock out. Don’t hold back. You’re the star at this concert. Sing your lungs out and play air guitar when you’re at a complete stop.
  • Turn on a comedy station and laugh. Laughing releases tension, especially if the comic really gets you going. Listen to a comedy podcast if you don’t have satellite radio.
  • Listen to an audiobook from your favorite author. Enjoy the prose being acted out. The voice fluctuations add to the story, especially thrillers.
  • Learn a new language with an app that is strictly audio. This will turn your brain away from your frustration and on to learning.

These are all ways you can keep your cool while sitting in traffic, but the most important one is not having to worry about your automobile. Avoid turning your commute into a nightmare more than it already is by properly maintaining our automobile. Call Central Auto Care in Okotoks, AB today.

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