Brakes at Central Auto Care

You are driving up to a stop sign or stoplight in traffic. You push your foot down on the brake several mechanical parts within your vehicle work together and bring your axles and tires to a slow, steady halt in time. This isn’t a scary story because you have Central Auto Care nearby and took your vehicle there for brake system maintenance.

Central Auto Care is a family-owned and operated business with years of experience keeping vehicles in and outside of our community safe and reliable.

How can I tell if I need help with my brakes?

Brakes are a critical part of your vehicle’s safety system. A good, working engine can propel your vehicle toward your destination, but a good, working brake system is needed to slow your vehicle down in traffic and to bring your movements to a complete stop. Most brakes make a noise when they are worn down. This noise is completely intentional and meant to work like a check engine light, making you hear your brakes starting to wear down when you’ve worn enough metal off, so that you start to do something to fix the problem.

Other issues include “squishy” brakes or a louder grinding noise. No matter what you are hearing, you should be able to feel your brakes wearing down. Before you do, bring your vehicle to Central Auto Care. We will take your wheels off and inspect what’s happening, then our ASE Certified Technicians will communicate what you need to do to fixed the issue.

What would they need?

Stated simple, most vehicle braking systems consist of a brake pedal, a brake cylinder with brake fluid, and rotors with either brake pads or drum brakes. Regular maintenance can ensure that you only need to replace the brake pads or drum brakes and rotors, though rotors usually only wear if your pads get too worn.

Your vehicle does need regular maintenance, and Central Auto Care is happy to help. Need an oil change? Let us know and we can take a look at your brake pads too. Fixing brakes is easier and much safer done ahead of time before any potential safety hazards surface.

We can help test your anti-lock brake system too. Your ABS is critical for stopping in poor conditions like snow or rain. A modern ABS system prevents the brakes from stalling when the wheel itself isn’t slowing down by instead detecting the issue than making repeated, fast attempts at slowing the vehicle down. You may not use ABS often, but Central Auto Care will take care of you and ensure that the system works in the moment it’s needed.

How are you different?

Need to get to work or pick up the kids? We offer a free ride to and from our shop and your work. Our goal at Central Auto Care in Okotoks, AB, is to help maintain your vehicle and keep your life going at the same time. We have families too and know that safety and schedules are very important.