Preventative Vehicle Maintenance in Okotoks

Basic vehicle maintenance is a vital part in the preservation of your automobile. Many drivers neglect these services, often resulting in costly repairs. Simple vehicle maintenance can not only keep your vehicle running smoothly, but also extend the lifetime as well. Cut down on these unnecessary costly repairs with Central Auto Care’s basic Okotoks vehicle maintenance services.

basic vehicle maintenance


Warranty approved fluid inspection and services – Engine oil changes, Transmission filters and fluid flushes, Power steering system, Differential fluids, Transfer-case fluids, Cooling system services and Fuel injection cleaning

timing belts, Cylinder head gaskets, Engine replacements and much more

Premium quality Batteries, Alternators and Starters, Wiring, Testing and Repairs

4 wheel alignments, Domestic, Import and European vehicles, Heavy duty trucks (up to 1 ton)

Premium quality brake pads, Brake rotors, Brake calipers, Brakes hoses, Brake fluid flushes and bleeding, Diagnosis and Repairs

Struts, Shocks, Ball joints, Tie rods, Bushings, Inspections, Diagnosis and Repairs

Tune ups, spark plugs, fuel filters, Check engine light, Drive-ability, Poor fuel economy concerns and much more

Insurance, Pre-Purchase

Winter tires, Winter tire studding, All Season tires, Trailer tires, Performance tires, Balancing and rotations

All services, inspections, and changes are performed using high-quality materials by trained service technicians. All maintenance services are done in accordance with manufacturer recommendations. For the best vehicle maintenance in Okotoks, AB, call Central Auto Care today to schedule an appointment.


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