Seven Signs Your Vehicle’s Fuel Pump Is Clogged Or Dying

Let’s talk about your automobile’s fuel system. Basically, you put fuel in the tank and the fuel pump draws it out. It then pushes it through a filter to remove contaminants and moves it into the fuel injectors. The injectors spray the fuel into your vehicle’s cylinders or intake manifold, where it is mixed with air so it can be used as an accelerant in your combustion chamber. Central Auto Care can replace your fuel pump when it’s dying or clogged. Here are seven signs it has a problem.

1. Stuttering at High Speeds

If the fuel pump is clogged, leaking, or malfunctioning, your engine will not get enough gas. The consequence is a lean air/fuel mixture that will make your engine sputter, especially at high speeds when there is greater demand for fuel.

2. Overheated Engine

A malfunctioning pump motor can also get too hot. The internal mechanisms alone can overheat, as can the pump itself because it isn’t drawing enough fuel through to cool it. The overheated pump will increase your engine’s overall temperature.

3. Fuel Pressure Loss

Another symptom of a failing pump is decreased fuel pressure. This can be caused if the pump is clogged or if the motor isn’t drawing enough fuel out of the tank. You can test your fuel pressure with a gauge you can purchase at an auto parts store.

4. Towing Power Loss

As with the first sign listed above, your engine will struggle when you’re towing a load or going up a steep hill if it isn’t getting enough petrol. Anything that adds stress to your engine’s load requires more fuel. You’ll lose power if the engine doesn’t have that fuel.

5. Power Surges

The opposite of this is power surging, and this can happen if the engine is getting too much petrol. You’ll be driving along and all of a sudden your engine will surge forward as if you’d pressed down on the accelerator. This is caused by excess gas in the engine.

6. Poor Fuel Economy

Tracking your fuel economy can help give you a heads-up that something is going on underneath the hood. In the case of the fuel pump, your fuel economy might take a nosedive because the engine is struggling and burning more fuel or the pump is leaking.

7. Dead Engine

Finally, if the pump clogs completely or the motor dies, you won’t be able to start your automobile. A malfunctioning fuel pump can get so bad that it cannot draw any petrol through to the engine, which will, of course, prevent it from starting.

Call Central Auto Care in Okotoks, AB, if you suspect your vehicle’s fuel pump is going bad. We’ll inspect and test the pump and get to the bottom of the problem.