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Testimonials are your way of letting us know how your experience was. If you have a comment or message for us, please don’t hesitate to let us know. If you would like to join this list, you can Contact Us.

2009 Ford Escape XLT

Central Auto Care worked on my ford escape in the week, just want to let you know, I am very very impressed with your work and can guarantee you i will bring my car to you in the future. I will also refer many people to you as i am very happy with the quality work you have done for me. My car drives like its new again and the engine has a smooth hum to it. Also the shifting in the gearbox is much smoother and i can notice an immense difference.

October 2012

2007 Dodge Caliber SXT

Troy and his staff at Central Auto have been looking after my vehicles for 4 years. They are accommodating with appointment times and my vehicle is ready when promised. They explain what is required service in language that I can understand and suggest when I should return for preventative maintenance. I know that I can call Troy anytime for advice about my vehicle. I enjoy relaxing in front of the fireplace while I wait for my car (and best of all, I love that there’s chocolate on the table!!)I know that I can trust the staff and would recommend Central Auto Care as a great local place to take your vehicle for repair and maintenance

December 2012

2007 Nissan Murano – 2004 Honda Civic

My wife and I have been servicing our vehicles with Central Auto for almost 6 years. Every time we take the vehicles in. The Central Auto Care staff get to the solution of the problem, in a timely fashion and honest one. We appreciate all their work and their knowledge they share with us. The staff says it like it is. And tells you what you need and don’t need. Honest Technicians. We recommend his services. We just wish we lived closer, but we do the commute from Calgary, because it’s wort it! Not bad Garage Coffee too. Don’t even bother dealerships they rip you off! Go with Central Auto Care.

December 2012